Ansible Roles

Ansible-Roles is a git repo with Ansible roles I wrote for my own purposes. The repo is MIT-licensed.


Dockerfiles is a git repo with some getting-started-style Dockerfiles. I build a matrix of many base operating systems with language runtimes. The repo is MIT-licensed.


pytest-hidecaptured is a pytest plug-in that removes captured output so it is not displayed. It is MIT-licensed.


brokerlso is a small Python library to create Qpid Management Framework (QMF) version 2 messages. It is MIT-licensed.


Seagull is a GPL-licensed test tool to generate traffic for multiple network protocols. I forked the original repo to add patches so it can build on modern Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu 14.04 and CentOS 7.


config_edit is a Python library that makes it easy to work with config files of various applications. It's inspired by the sysrc command provided in FreeBSD.

Other Interests

Recently I have been spending time working with and learning FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Raspberry Pi.